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Benjamin Ketterer

Dear Families: 
Welcome to everyone and especially to our new families. I am looking forward to another amazing school year.  I say that with great Glendale Tiger pride! Glendale has an excellent staff, supportive families and wonderful programs geared at reaching and meeting all student and family needs. 

The most successful institutions take time to reflect on their actions and make modifications and improvements that will continue to propel them forward. This year will be one of continued growth, not only for each Glendale child, but also for our school.  Last year, after considerable self-examination, a team of staff developed school improvement goals (SIP) that will guide our work for the next several years. In addition with input from staff we also developed a set of  “Core Values” that will ground us in our work.

“School Goals”
One goal is to foster stronger relationships among staff, students and families by working to build a positive and lasting partnership. Through involvement in the classroom, students’ school events, PLT (parent leadership team), volunteering at school or in the community. There are many ways for us all to build a positive partnership. As part of this partnership, we would like to hear from you, if you have ideas please share them with us.  
“Core Values” 

Glendale’s staff and parents feel strongly these core values will lead the work we all must do to empower our students, provide opportunities for our students to feel and know what success is. Of critical importance is that the staff, students, and parents/guardians are being held accountable for the success of all students. 

When you enter our school you will notice, experience and take part in the “Core Values” of Glendale Elementary: 
Collaboration: A collective investment of resources and expertise to achieve a common goal.
Engagement: Active participation in a variety of learning experiences.
Shared Responsibility: Every adult advocating for every kid, everyday, whatever it takes.

You are always free to contact myself or any of the staff. Come and see why the Capital Times writes that at Glendale Elementary  "All Are Welcome Here!"  We welcome your ideas and are eager for you to participate in the life of your child and our school.

Benjamin Ketterer